World Sailing/RORC Keel & Rudder Testing

Keel & Rudder Testing for Offshore Racing Vessels.

There has been some discussion about when keel and rudder testing will become compulsory for offshore racing vessels. Currently it looks like being Summer 2023. At this time all vessels entering any World Sailing/RORC event will require a keel and rudder tip test and issuing of a certificate by a qualified individual in order to enter races organised by these bodies.

What does this entail?


The current requirements are for the vessel to be lifted and held in slings for an external examination of the keel, a tip test and inspection of the keel, base and hull/keel join. (If fully encapsulated then an inspection of the encapsulation and condition is required).  Following this an aggressive test of the rudder for movement in the bearings and a visual inspection and tap test of the rudder for evidence of damage or water ingress.


The vessel may be re-launched following external inspection, or blocked off ashore. The internal inspection of the keel requires an inspection of keel bolt condition and the keel matrix for evidence of cracking or deformation including surrounding floor and transverse framing. The rudder inspection requires in internal inspection of the rudder post and steering mechanisms for evidence of damage or corrosion and to ensure that installation is satisfactory for racing requirements.

Although this regulation is not currently in force at this time it is worth considering booking ahead. There will most likely be a rush for these examinations once they come into force. We have carried out several recently by owners looking to stay ahead of the regulations.

Following the inspection a certificate will be issued meeting World Sailing Requirements that can be presented upon race entry.

The cost of a keel/rudder tip test is currently £250 (all inclusive). Please get in touch for more details or to book an appointment.

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