Yacht and Motor Boat Surveys

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Types of Survey

There are various types of survey available. If you are unsure which one suits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free, no obligation discussion. I am always happy to help.

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Pre-Purchase/Sale Condition Survey

If you are considering buying or selling a boat you would be well advised to carry out a condition survey. This will give you a detailed and in depth report on the condition of the vessel, including hull, machinery, and all ancillary equipment. Recommendations will be made concerning improvements and repairs where necessary. This will assist the buyer in making a decision and negotiating a price, or the seller in satisfying himself that the boat is in a fit condition for sale and if improvements need to be made.

Insurance Survey

Insurance or finance companies will frequently require a survey in order to ascertain the value of your boat, particularly if the boat is over a certain age. The depth of this survey is usually determined by the insurance company, but is normally similar to a condition survey. However, these are not generally concerned with cosmetic condition, more with seaworthiness.

Valuation/Finance Survey

We are more than happy to offer valuation surveys. These are based on an in depth knowledge of the market, the type of vessel, and its intended use . This is combined with a general inspection of condition and the equipment that is available for sale. This will require a survey of the vessel for an in depth valuation. Finance companies will often require a survey to determine the vessel's value.

Damage Survey 

Under most circumstances these are commissioned by the Insurance company following damage to the vessel and in the event of a claim on the policy. It establishes the extent of the damage, a determination of the cause of the accident and a valuation of the cost of repairs. However, a damage survey may be commissioned by the insured in the event of a dispute with the insurance company. It is not the responsibility of the surveyor to attribute blame.

Hull & Deck Structural Survey

This is designed to assess the structural integrity of the hull, deck and superstructure. This includes anything to do with watertight integrity, such as skin fittings and deck equipment, but does not include any on board systems.

Limited Scope Survey

It may be the case that you only require certain aspects of the boat or boat systems to be surveyed. This may be following repairs or restoration, or simply to satisfy your concerns over a certain area of the vessel structure. We are happy to discuss whatever requirements you may have.


Sea Trials

It is highly beneficial when considering purchasing a boat to ask for sea trials. To an experienced surveyor there is a great deal that can be determined about the condition of a vessel by being onboard her at sea. All aspects of the vessels structure, engines, rig, sails, etc. come into play, and tell-tale signs, good and bad, are easier to spot than when she is static ashore on blocks. We are highly experienced seafarers and engineers, and are happy to accompany you on sea trials. This is charged at an hourly rate and is not as expensive an exercise as one would think, but highly beneficial.

Nautical & Voyage Surveys​

I have worked at sea for many years as a commercial officer and master. Nautical and voyage surveys are a service I offer which you may not see elsewhere. If you are planning long distance sailing or blue water cruising you may well benefit from a nautical and voyage survey for peace of mind. This involves a careful examination of preparedness including charts (corrected to date),  navigation equipment, safety equipment, watertight integrity and as much advice as you will ever need to prepare for long distance sailing, away from the relative security of shoreside assistance. This can be designed to be as intensive or relaxed as you wish depending on requirements. I don't charge a great deal for this service, the safety of clients and their families should not be a big profit maker!

Repair & Restoration Consultancy

Following our recommendations after a survey or after damage caused by an accident, we can arrange for repairs or upgrades and modifications as required by the client. We have a network of highly experienced boat repairers, builders and shipwrights, who we know will provide a good service at a reasonable cost. We are happy to arrange this for you and carry out an inspection of the work to ensure its quality at every stage. This consultancy work is carried out on an hourly basis. It must be pointed out that following a survey by us, no work may be carried out by Harbour Marine Services as this would represent a clear conflict of interest.

Please call to discuss any requirements or send me a message on the contacts page. I'm happy to call you back.

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