How Does a Survey Work & When Do You Need One?

In basic terms, a marine survey is a detailed inspection and examination of a vessel carried out by a suitably qualified and experienced surveyor in order to establish if the vessel is fit for purpose and to make recommendations to the purchaser or owner with regards to repairs or alterations. There are several circumstances in which a survey may be required: 
  • You may require a condition survey if you are considering buying a boat.
  • You may simply wish for your vessel to be appraised for its value, and with a wealth of knowledge of various vessel types and understanding of age and condition I can help with this.

  • Insurance companies may require your boat to be surveyed for insurance or financing purposes, or if has reached a certain age.

  • You may have incurred damage to the vessel. Normally an insurance company will appoint the surveyor, however you may wish to have your own damage survey done in the event of a dispute with the insurance company.

  • There are a variety of limited scope surveys, such as purely hull and structural, rigging, safety equipment etc if a full survey of the vessel is not required.

The important thing to remember is that the surveyor works for you.  I will produce a detailed and comprehensive report which remains your property and will share no information with third parties unless instructed to do so.  I work only within the International Institute of Marine Surveyors Code of Practice, and carry full IIMS approved professional indemnity and public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

I believe that the marine industry is a friendly place, generally filled with like-minded people, and as such I like to offer a friendly service. I am always happy to offer advice and chat about requirements and there is never a charge for this. I want clients to come to me with their problems safe in the knowledge that it will only cost them something if something actually has to be done. In short, I like to treat others as I would expect to be treated myself.


Most of us have families and we want to make sure that any boat we are considering buying is fit for its intended purpose, and a survey will help to give you that peace of mind. You can be assured that any survey I carry out will be thorough and meet with exacting codes of practice. Recommendations  for necessary repairs and improvements will be made if needed and anything un-safe clearly highlighted. This can help you make an informed decision as a purchaser and assist with negotiating a price or as a seller to highlight areas of improvement before the boat goes up for sale.

Upon completion of the survey, I will put together a full survey report for you. This usually takes 2 to 3 days, and I am always available to my clients to discuss any aspect of the report which may not be clear. My trading terms are clearly laid out for you to examine in the 'Terms & Conditions section'. 

Always remember, I work for you, and you alone. No information will be shared with third parties without your consent.