Fees & Costs

Everyone likes to have some idea of the cost before they embark on a project. It is hard to be precise with an area such as surveying as there are a number of variables involved and exact requirements need to be discussed. But here are some guidelines:

For Surveying:

For condition Surveys:

  • Single inboard engine yachts and motor boats at £15 per foot
  • RIB's and small outboard engine craft at £13 per foot (for condition or insurance/finance surveys. I am happy to quote for groups of vessels)                                                                      
  • There is a minimum survey charge of £250

All other types of survey are specialised and will have to be quoted for, but we will always charge a fair rate, taking into account the depth of work.

For larger yachts and motor boats with twin engines and/or a higher level of on board systems we would have to quote, but the above can be taken as a guideline. This is simply because the survey will take more time, and the reports longer to write.

For Consultancy: 

Consultancy is charged at £55 per hour. We do not charge for phone calls and discussions, only for arrangement of work carried out and inspected, and for this a careful record is kept and presented. There is a minimum call out charge for inspection of the vessel and discussion of requirements of £250 however if ongoing works are instructed this will become void.

For Marine Services:

Costs for marine services will always be given as an estimate based on materials and labour. No work will ever be carried out without the agreement of the client in advance. Materials will always be billed at cost (with receipts if required) 

I do not charge VAT

Travel expenses are only charged outside a 50 mile radius from Southampton and will be quoted in advance. 

Overseas travel will be charged at cost, kept to the minimum amount possible and quoted in advance.

I aim to offer value for money, and think you will find me very competitive with other businesses. A fair price for a high standard of workmanship.