Marine Consultancy

Commercial & Private New Build, Re-Bui​ld & Refit Consultancy for all Vessel Types


  • Client Representation
  • Pre-Project Consultation including Building a Full Scope of Works
  • Project Management & Oversight
  • Marine & Engineering Consultancy
  • On Site technical Support
  • Surveying Services
  • Marine Systems Fault Diagnosis
  • Commissioning Upon Project Completion

In Addition:

  • Sea Trials - We are experienced former seafarers holding current MCA certification.
  • We can provide introduction to trusted and experienced Naval Architects.
  • We can provide introduction to potential investors if required.

International Consultancy

We are currently acting for a number of international clients.  There are many overseas clients who wish to buy or sell vessels in the UK but cannot, for one reason or another be present. What we can offer is a  survey and re-fit service for overseas purchasers and sellers. Clearly it is necessary for overseas clients to provide full details and for security checks to be in place to avoid the danger of fraudulent transactions, however this is easily taken care of.

If you are wishing to purchase or sell from overseas please get in touch. We can discuss requirements.

Deep Sea and Blue Water Sailing Consultancy

I have worked at sea for many years as a merchant navy commercial officer and master, and prior to that as a younger man, as a mate and deckhand in the charter industry.

If you are planning a long distance, blue water or deep sea voyage you may well benefit from a nautical and voyage consult.  Most people (although not all) who undertake these types of voyages are already very experienced. However, a fresh pair of eyes and a different perspective of deep sea sailing may well prove invaluable, of great benefit and provide some peace of mind.

The process involves an inspection of the vessel ( I​ stress this is not a survey)  to examine preparedness for long distance or deep sea cruising.

This includes among other things:

  • Nautical Charts (corrected to date)
  • Navigation Equipment
  • Safety Equipment (This can be quite extensive)
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Watertight Integrity (including emergency provisions)
  • Rig, hull and structures.
  • Integral vessel systems. (Food, water etc)
  • Fuel calculations
  • Electrical and power requirements and means of calculation (including possible supplementary systems)
  • Additional emergency procedures, including the gathering of fresh water, emergency food requirements and basic sea survival techniques.